To ensure Main Street Alabama can continue offering vital services and position more Alabama downtowns for success, they need your financial support. Main Street Alabama continues to be an important ally and partner to two major initiatives of my Administration which include the economic development strategy, Accelerate Alabama and the Alabama Small Business Commission. If you share my concern for the future of Alabama's downtowns and the need for carefully focused economic and community development, please join me and other leaders in pledging your support to this essential program.
-Gov. Robert Bentley

"Monroeville is proud to have been selected by Main Street Alabama as a Designated Community. We look to this program to provide a new tradition in economic revitalization of our community by maximizing the use of downtown properties for profit; assisting shop owners with merchandising in order to improve their profitability; planning and implementing the community wide promotion and providing a central organization for the promotion of our historic downtown as a product. With the completion of our Main Street Alabama Resource Team visit and attendance at the aLABama Downtown Laboratory, we have gained momentum and enthusiasm for our downtown revitalization program within months of the selection process. Main Street Alabama has provided our community with the framework and work plan to transform our downtown. Funding this program will allow Main Street Alabama to continue its catalytic work in downtowns like ours across the state."
- Mayor Mike Kennedy, Monroeville

"Main Street is a great way to bring the business owners and managers together to work toward a common goal, that of increasing the business and traffic for everyone in the district. I have personally seen this at work in Opelika. The bottom line is, everyone benefits. The town gets more sales tax revenue, the businesses make more money. It is a win, win! I am anxious to see this at work in Monroeville"
-Molly Anderson, Owner, Studio 3:19, who is a Main Street member both here and in Opelika.

There is no program in the United States that is a more cost effective form of economic development than is Main Street. Forget that Main Street is based on historic preservation or even that its focus is downtown revitalization. Here’s what happens with a good Main Street program: new jobs, more private investment, new businesses, increased sales, enhanced property and sales tax revenues, real estate purchases, rising rents, new construction, rehabilitation of existing buildings, public improvements. These are the ultimate measures of successful economic development and they are what happens with Main Street. And best of all, it happens within the unique, differentiated character of the town. Why support Main Street? Because it works.
-Donovan Rypkema, Principal of PlaceEconomics, Washington DC

“Across the nation, the Main Street program has built an unparalleled track record for attracting new investment to historic downtowns - new businesses, new jobs, new municipal revenues. Main Street Alabama's 2015-2019 strategic plan outlines a strong vision for strengthening Alabama's historic downtowns, with values aligning perfectly with those of the Accelerate Alabama Plan's foundation of recruitment, retention, and renewal. This is an exciting new chapter for Alabama's downtowns.”
-Kennedy Smith, the CLUE Group

“We at the National Main Street Center are thrilled with the triumphant return of Main Street Alabama! As we've seen time and again across the country, local programs do best when they're supported by a strong Coordinating Program. After 10 years, Main Street Alabama is back and stronger than ever, providing dedicated leadership, technical assistance, outcome-focused programming, and invaluable organizing capacity to the 13 Designated Main Street programs across the state. Since its return, Main Street Alabama has already made impressive progress and we know the best is yet to come.”​
-Patrice Frey, President and CEO of the National Main Street Center

"The downtown area is the soul of any city. By promoting downtown commerce and investment, Main Street organizations not only improve the appearance and vibe of a downtown area but also return tax dollars to local governments through increased sales taxes and property values. In sum, it's a win for businesses, property owners and local governments but most of all it's a win for the citizens of the city and surrounding areas through a vibrant, and many times revitalized, local downtown.”
-Senator Arthur Orr